Biker 2

Intermediate MTB downhill classes

Having already practised downhill MTB, the biker should be able to understand the blue and red runs. To join this class, the biker is supposed to have handling techniques like negotiating bends (raised, flat, tilted), know how make crossings and jumps (pitch, bunny up …), paths, support and unweighting, braking.

This class can be taken from the age of 12, if the above mentioned techniques are mastered. For this type of outing, the bike is booked by Bike Academy. We do not offer no-bike rates.

You must properly assess your MTB level not to run into difficulties.


  • Duration : half a day
  • Rate : €85
  • Included in the pack : freeride/downhill MTB + protection (knee, shin, back, shoulders, elbows, full-face helmet) + RM package
  • You can visit the Intersport store at 9.30am or 2.30pm

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