Your MTB Level

MCF certified, the Bike Academy works based on the cycling training national label recognized by schools and also the clubs of the French Cycling Federation. If your are in doubt of your level, do not hesitate to be evaluated by one of our instructors.

Adults and Youth levels

Biker 1

Beginner, Biker 1 is comfortable with bike riding basics. Slalom in an upright position on your bike on the slope, balance, ride safely on a wide path. The biker has never done DH mountain biking and is not familiar with the equipment.

Biker 2

Experienced rider, Biker 2 has already done BikePark descent or enduro. The goal now is to improve handling by understanding the steep slopes, negotiating a bend upright with lean angle, skidding on a curve, short braking, etc …

Biker 3

Rider who is very familiar with down hill MTB and is able to run at high speed without endangering himself. Learning advanced techniques like the bunny up, wheeling, drift, jump kicks & drops, etc …

Children’s levels

Beginners (children)

Discovering the bike by learning without stabilizers.

Le Loupiot (kids)

The child learns to handle his bike (basic notions) on a stable ground (closed and secure environment) with the aim of pedalling without stabilizers, stopping or avoiding obstacles. Children generally aged 4 to 8 years, therefore ideal for school classes (kindergarten, CP, CE1). Progress based on the MCF Loupiot / Biclou book for fun learning!

Le Biclou (biker)

The child learns the “advanced” basics such as standing on the pedals to go down stairs, riding with one hand or modulating braking without stopping , knowing and understanding the dangers of riding in urban areas and in mountains. Progress based on the MCF Loupiot/Biclou book for fun learning!

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