Biker 3

Downhill MTB for experts

Advanced downhill MTB class, the biker must be a regular amateur rider, experienced and able to run at high speed without endangering himself. He must be able to understand the blue or red runs.

This class can be taken from the age of 12, if the above mentioned techniques are mastered.

You must properly assess your MTB level not to run into difficulties during the session.


  • Duration : half a day
  • Class fee only  (excluding RM and bike) :€35
  • Fee for full package (excluding RM package) :€ 85
  • The package includes : freeride / downhill MTB+ protection pack (knee, shin, back, shoulders, elbows, full-face helmet)
  • You can visit the Intersport store at 9.30am or 2.30pm
  • Lifts package not included

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