Biker 1

Introduction to downhill MTB

This level introduces occasional riders to MTB practices who discover downhill MTB in the mountains. The routes are easy and the slopes gentle. Real introduction to downhill MTB, this type of class can be taken from the age of 10 depending on the child’s level.

All inclusive pack at only €39,50 !

For this type of downhill MTB introduction outing, Bike Academy provides the bike and safeguards. The price therefore includes the class, the package AND equipment! (Please note, we do not offer cheaper rates if you bring your equipment).

Summer 2016 innovations: the Fat Bike

You know the Fat Bike, this bike with XXL tyres! For 10 € more in Biker 01, discover new sensations with an MTB Fat bike with oversize tyres which are under inflated for unique grip.


  • Duration: Half a day (between 2.30-3.00pm)
  • Rate : €39,50 only all inclusive !
  • The package includes : MTB (semi-rigid suitable for downhill) + knee protectors + helmet + lifts + supevision
  • You can visit the Intersport store at 9.30am or 2.30pm

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